Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here's another post just for my anonymous reader number 3! I don't know whether my ideas on dying or imagined conversations between to dung beatles are more ridiculous, but this post is just about the afterlife.

Well, Skizzy P's last comment got me thinking about the eternal bliss possibility. Eternal bliss would be great, but I might not be capable of imagining how great it would be. It might be in some realm of the unknown. That said, I just can't imagine any blissful feeling that would be better than life itself. And, I can't imagine just sitting around with nothing to do but continue to be blissful. For me it's the challenges in life that make it so great. It's the creation process involved in any given day. For me, heaven or eternal bliss just isn't possible because I can't imagine a place that I would rather be than good old planet earth. Personally, I'd walk through the gates of heaven, shoot the shit with god for a few days, have sex with 99 chicks + elvis, have a hoedown with all my dead homies, and then send me right on back to planet earth. Even if it was on the condition that I didn't get to remember anything from my past life.

So that just leaves one little problem: Dying. Perhaps for me the idea of heaven would be getting to live on earth at the age of 26 forever. The only problem with that is that I'd have nothing to lose. What good is winning if you CAN'T lose? It would be like playing basketball against a bunch of 10 year olds. I'm not saying it isn't fun to stuff a 10 year old so hard that you throw the ball and hit one of his teammates in the head. I'm just saying that it gets old fast.

So, my theory is that I came back. I chose not to remember anything. And I chose to die. I chose it all, and now I struggle with it because I decided to forget that I chose it all.

For me, that leaves me free to fuck around and create in this game called life. So now a conversation between to Dung Beatles!

Dungy: "hey shithead."
Shithead: "whatup?"
Dungy: "You know what my favorite shit to do is?"
Shithead: "What"
Dungy: "I like searching for shit all day. And then I save as much shit as I can. I just LOVE saving shit"
Shithead: "Well ain't that some shit"
Dungy: "Shit yeah!"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conversation of the Day:

Background: Cialis is a cheap version of Viagara. I'm shadowing a family practice doctor who is a really great guy.

Patient: Uh, I might need a renewal on the Cialis.
Doctor: Well, you tell me. You're the one that knows.
Patient: Yeah, I do, but my insurance doesn't cover it.
Doctor: So, how many do you want? Is 8 good?
Patient: Yeah, that's good.
Doctor: Yeah, Rob here is young, but I'll tell ya this anyway. Some people complain about dropping a 10 spot on Viagara. I just tell them since when was pussy cheap!? That usually gets them to stop complaining.

Well, I know it sounds weird that a doctor would talk like that in front of a patient. But first off, he makes a lot of close personal realtionships with all his patients. And secondly, he makes the patient more comfortable about talking about things like that. So, it's actually genius.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dying - Warning It may be a downer

I don't know man. I think I just realized that I'm going to die, and it's freaking me the fuck out. I think, In the back of my subconcious is little bit of disillusionment for there being some kind of loop hole, like heaven. However, even if heaven does exist, I don't want anything to do with it. Seriously, what the fuck are you gonna do in heaven?

I don't know if this is something you can do in heaven, but imagine, in heaven, you could just have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want. Bam there it is. Where would the challenge be? What would it mean to have sex with that person? First you have sex with 99 chicks and Elvis. Yeah, it feels good, so you just keep right on going. 1,000 - 10,0000 - 100,000. Some point in there - sure it differs for everybody. But at some point, it's just going to lose the novelty aspect. At some point, it's just going to be sex.

Or take for example chess. A person could spend millenia mastering the game of chess. Eventually the game would be mastered. Not only that, but since you are in heaven, every other person who wants to master chess, would master chess. The scary thing is that every person who mastered chess, would ALWAYS draw against another person who mastered chess. There would never be any winner, and there would never be any loser. The real challenge in life is that chess CANNOT be mastered. In life, you have finite resources such as time and intelligence. In heaven, neither would be a deterent, and the challenge would be completely gone.

I'll argue that it's not just sex and chess. It's everything. Everything you love and strive for would just lose its spark because at some point the challenge would be gone.

So what about the other side of the story: hell. What the fuck is somebody going to do you in hell? Burn through your arm throughout all eternity. Seriously. In life, people believe that pain is some kind of horrible action that must be avoided. To an extent that's true. But pain is really just a survival mechanism. People feel pain because if an animal is biting at your legs, trying to eat you, you are going to want to know about it. And while that is happening, there is nothing more important than making it stop. If somebody tortures you for all eternity, eventually you are going to realize that you are already dead. The animal biting at your legs isn't going to kill you. And the pain has lost its all important self-sustaining purpose. Now it is just pain.

You see, the problem with heaven or hell is the eternity aspect behind it. No feeling, no knowledge, no accomplishment, no dissappointment can last for an eternity.

Ok, if heaven is not my loop hole, what about reincarnation?

So what are the rules of reincarnation. One theory is that animals are somehow moving up some kind of existence ladder. Worm < Dog < Human < Dolphin. Ok . . . But does a worm really care that its a worm. I've seen a lot of worms, and although they cringe at the sight of a hook, I don't think the worms last thoughts were "if only I had been born a Dolphin" They're fucking worms. Who gets to be reincarnated? Everyone, or just certain people. What happened to Hitler? Is he a dung beatle now? If so, it doesn't even matter because the dung beatle LOVES dung. Dung beatle is to Dung As Robbo is to Chipotle Burritos. If Two Dung Beatles had a conversation it would go like this.

Dungy "Man did you see that turd by the tree stump the other day"
Shitface "Nah man"
Dungy "Oh yeah man, it was all contaminated with berries"
Shitface "Whaa!"
Dungy "Yeah man, I was like what the fuck am I gonna do with these berries. I can't digest this Berry"
Shitface "Dungy, you're grossing me out, stop talking about berries. . . Dude, you got some shit on your lip. Let me lick that off for you."

Back on topic - Another theory is you die, and then plop out of the next woman. Ready to live your next life. And I'm fine with that theory. If it's true, so be it. And to me, it's the only good thing I can imagine. However, whatever that next life is, it's not me. I am who I am mainly due to the circumstances of my life. That next kid isn't going to have anything at all to do with who I am now.

Well usually I spend weeks on a post like this. Crafting every detail. But I'm leaving it as it is. For some odd reason, writing this one didn't bring me down. It brought me up. All this talk about eternity does bring one thing into perspective. All there is is NOW. The future. The past. They're really just constructs of our imagination. This instant. Right now is all there really is. Enjoy your poop.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A friend of mine, Bryan, use to work at a jail. An ex-coworker and he were talking shootin the shit about how things work in jail. I'm never doing anything illegal again! That place is fuckin scary. I use to fantazise about going to jail, and reading like a madman. They completely ruined that fantasy for me. No more B&E for me.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

United States of America - I'm taking your ass out State by State

1. Texas - Visited Big Bend, Drove every mile of I10, Lived in Austin, Houston. Visited El Paso and San Antonio
2. Louisiana - Born and raised, the swamp water still runs in my veins. Caught 150 Speckled trout in one day at Grand Isle. Lived in Hammond. Frequented Harrahs in Downtown New Orleans. Bourbon Street till Sunrise.
3. Kansas - 3 years of my childhood in the most boring small town of Liberal Kansas. And honestly, there really is nothing else to see in this state.
4. Arizona - Hiked a 30 mile round trip into the Grand Canyon. Colorodo City - CRAZY polygamist mormon town.
5. Nevada - Slummed it in the Las Vegas Strip for a day before finally committing to a career change. Drove across Hoover Dam. I know it sounds like a tourist trap, but this place is beyond amazing.
6. New Mexico - White Sands National Park. Riudoso Casino. The Sands Casino in Albuquerque.
7. Colorado - Rocky Mountain National Park. And some fun ass drunken nights in Denver. I NEED to go back.
8. Illinois - Sears Tower in Chicago. That's all I need to see in this state.
9. Hawaii - 8 months in paradise. Maui, Kaui, Oahu, The big Island. Active Volcanoes, Swimming, Beaches, and lots of Tropical Hiking.
10. Florida - Disney Land as a kid.
11. Utah - Moab, Canyon Lands National Park, Zion National Park, Arches National Park. Certainly rivals Hawaii in it's beauty, and if climbing's your thing, far surpasses it. State Highway 12 - Gotta be the most beautiful drive in the world. It includes drop-offs on both sides.

11 Down, 39 to go. Why is life so painfully short.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My first Ipod. These damn things aren't easy to take apart, and they are mostly help together by glue. This poor thing barely lasted a month. It wouldn't let me hook it up to the USB, so I made it suffer. After I took it apart, the USB magically started working again. Unfortunately, it's already broken beyond repair. I'm going to try to use the screen on a a different Ipod with a broken screen, and turn this disaster into some profit. This poor ipod shares the same fate of every piece of electronics that I own. The problem is that these small electronics are REALLY hard to take apart the first time around. The ipod is actually held together by 4 screw and a crapload of glue. Actually none of the screws are screwed into the cover. But the glue alone does a VERY good job of holding everything in.

I use to design eledtronics, and believe it or not, minus the fancy graphics, I could design an mpr player very similiar to the Ipod. That said, I AM quite impressed with how compactly they did everything.

Monday, May 07, 2007

One post/day. Hell, my life sure as shit ain't that interesting. So I'm gonna write a book review on Gandhi: An Autobiography, My Experiments with the Truth.

So this is a book that I would certainly recommend, however, it is EXTREMELY boring. First off, Gandhi leaves out most of the exciting events that happened in South Africa because he wrote a seperate book about that. And he left out all the exciting stuff that happened in India because he hadn't done any of them yet.

So, what's left to fill the other 500 pages? Basically every mundane interaction with insignificant people, entire chapters about vegetarianism, and descriptions of useless events such as his boat ride to England.

Why would I still recommend it? Becuase you get a great amount of incite into the mind of a truly great man. In case you don't ever want read 500 pages for the incite, I'll sum it up in one word: Integrity. Gandhi was constantly examining how to do the best possible thing, and he always did it. Gandhi never told anything that even resembled a lie. He never had any kind of sex whatsoever after he made the commitment to do so. And he never ate any kind of animal product whatsoever. Until he was about to die of malnutrition. He decided that living for India's independence was more important than his personal conviction so he started drinking goat's milk.

And now my problem is that I'm convinced. I can never tell any small lie, commit any small theft, and I'm considering limitting my diet to things that I'm willing to kill like fish. Don't get me wrong, I'll still fuck anything that moves - including transvestites. (j/k)

It might sound simple enough to do, but it starts to add up when you have to delete all your mp3s, claim all your taxes, and not tell Japanese girls that you are an astronaut. Make a commitment to 100% truth, and I guarantee that you will find it isn't as simple as it sounds. There's just too much to gain from telling a harmless lie or stealing an mp3. Fuck you Gandhi! Seriously though, after reading this book, my integrity doesn't have a price, and I'm done with any type of lie, and that's why I recommend this book.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rico . . .

Some people might remember him as Rick Torres. Anyways, I got an invite from him yesterday to go surfing, and I had to accept the invite. And Rico offered to bring a girl along so I was all about it.

Next mourning I show up to Rico's, and it turns out, his friend, couldn't make it. So his friend invited her friend, to go in her place. Rico owns a van for his locksmith company, so we show up in a van to pick up this girl that we've never met. First, we see this 35 year old prositute looking chick sitting outside, and we're both scared to pick her up, but after she doesn't make eye contact, we keep driving. Then I see this fat ugly girl with blue hair dressed in all black. I jokingly remark "That's her Rico." Rico excitingly throws on his glasses and shreaks in horror. Then we see this somewhat attractive girl to the right of us. I start thinking this could be a fun trip, when BAM. The blue-haired chick starts waving and smiling away. I look at Rico, and say shit man, FLOOR IT. Let's get the fuck our of here. Poor Rico was in too much shock to react quickly, and we end up pulling over and letting her in. The original plan was to let her sit by me, but Rico had to improvise a lawn chair in the back next to all the surf boards. I guess something had to be wrong if the girl would be willing to hop in a van with a couple of guys she's never met before on a 2 hour road trip.

Now, Rico's friend had assured us that her friend was "adorable." When Rico called her out on how all girls call their ugly friends "adorable," she assured us that her friend was "gorgeous." Now, we haven't been talking to this blue haired girl for more than five minutes when Rico calls his friend and says "Adorable," and then just starts laughing. It was so obvious what he was doing. I felt soo awkward, but I was able to lie to myself and pretend that the blue-haired girl was oblivious.

Later in the ride, the girl falls asleep, and Rico pulls out his video camera and says "Nobody's gonna believe how ugly this girl is. I need evidence." I'm just thinking the girl is gonna wake up in the middle of this, and be completely freaked out. I mean this is how mamy porn films start out, and for that matter. Reguardless I couldn't stop laughing. The whole time Rico is making the sound effects from a horror movie, and cracking jokes.

Well, enough about the fat chick. We show up to the beach, and it's not a good day to learn to surf. 5-7 foot waves that beat the shit out of you before you make it where the waves break. I spent more time being knocked over by waves and to make it worse, I had to share the board with the fat chick. The whole time I'm just remembering the last time I surfed - In Waikiki with this beautiful little Danish girl who was the funnest girl I've ever been around. I couldn't help but ask where the fuck did I go wrong? I don't know man. I guess that it all comes down to the fact that life's like a box of chocalates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

So I'm trying to keep up with my one post/day rate, but I'm having some serious writer's block. Everything I write seems to be boring. I guess it's cause I haven't gotten a comment from my reader in a long time. I thrive on comments. I'll just say this, Today I took my lap top apart, soldered a broken piece back on, thereby saving myself $500 on buying a new laptop. I guess that $80k education is finally paying off a little. Anyways, I'm gonna try to parlet this skill into an ebay trade by refurbishing broken computers. Hopefully, there's a soft spot here.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Japan Bitches!

I suppose I'll start from the beginning. Went to Tokyo at the end of march. (I'll post a little something on that after I get some pictures.) In Tokyo we meet an Australian girl named Katie. She said she applied for a work visa, and 2 weeks later she moved to Japan and was teaching English. Well, I was quite intruiged by this possibility, so I decide I'm going back to Japan ASAP.

Well, I get back to America, and I find out that it ain't quite as easy for AMericans as it is for Australians. Americans need to have a job before they can get a work visa. But many jobs won't hire you unless you have a work visa. Not only that but the process takes 2-3 months. So I applied fo the biggest English Teaching company there is called Nova. Only the closest location is Chicago.

So Chicago it is. I bought the first $200 roundtrip ticket I could get, and I was off. Luckily Mom and Dad volunteered to foot the hotel bill, or else I'd be update here about the car I slept in. Instead I stayed at the House of Blues Hotel in Downtown Chicago. Which I really liked, and would recommend.

With no camera, and stressing over the interview, I didn't really get to enjoy Chicago. However, I showed up right after a front left. And I left right before a front came in. So I got to enjoy 2 days of 70-80 degree whether. The only place I went to was the Sears Tower. Which I was quite impressed by. Most of the view from Chicago isn't quite as amazing after being in Tokyo. Tokyo has 5 story building as far as the eye can see, and several little skylines. Whereas Chicago has one Skyline right next to Lake Michigan, and a lot of small building in all other directions. However, Chicago's skyline is out of control amazing. Dense and huge. Amazing. Certainly more impressive than any of the skylines in Tokyo, and prolly 2-3 times bigger than Houston's skyline.

Little Side note. I use to work for an architectural engineering company. I learned that actually cost/sq foot of a building is cheapest at the 5-10 story range. After that it actually starts costing more due to many factors such as hall space, elevators, environmental control, etc. So basically, people don't build skyscrapers because they want to save money, they do it because they want to have the biggest dick. Well, in the early 70's Sears had the biggest dick by far. Now, they've been overtaken by Walmart, Kmart, and Koehls. They sold the building in 1993, but kept the naming rights.

Anyways in the end, I didn't get to see anything else because I was stressin over my interview, but I feel like I saw what I needed to see in Chicago, and the whole state of Illinois for that matter.

Anyways the interview was on Monday April 23rd. And it started with a 2 hour information session. Which was laid back and prety cool. Then they follow it up with a 45 minute interview. The interview started with a 20 question rapid fire session where I had 5 seconds to answer each question in a word or two. I didn't answer every question, but I did good enough.

IMO, the whole classic interview structure like the one I went through are complete bullshit. But in the end, if you can't ace one of those interviews, you're bull shittin yourself. For instance, if I'm having beers with a buddy, I can go on and on about why I want to move to Japan. Certainly it will be a colorful explanation, but if I'm asked that same question in an interview, I have to think about an answer. A part of me freezes and doesn't know what to do. So I just start talking and hope things get sorted out by the time I'm done talking. The real problem that I have is not bullshitting. Heck, I've bullshitted for 7 paragraphs just in this blog post. The real problem is I'm talking to a stranger, and I'm talking to someone that has authority over me. Over the past years, I've met a lot of strangers, and forged great friendships over the course of one day. Sometimes, I still lock up and get really nervous with strangers, but I'm mostly over that type of social anxiety. However I still have a real problem with authority. I don't like anybody telling me what I can and can't do. Specifically in the interview situation, the person's job is to judge what you do and say, and then decide whether or not to hire you. It sucks to have to submit yourself to giving someone that kind of power over you. Well I could go on and on about interviews, and the effects they have on me. But I'll conclude this topic by saying the only thing I know to do to make this awkward situation work for me is to pretend that I'm just shootin the shit, and to pretend that my interviewer is my friend.

And in the end, that strategy worked. Cause I got the job. Pending a background check, and pending the work visa application process, I'll likely be in Japan 3 months from now. 3 months is a long fucking time though. I'm all about the here and now. I don't yet know what I'll do to fill the time, but it's gonna have to involve raking in some cash to pay for this journey. Fuck, life's too short. Way too short.

Thursday, May 03, 2007




I put a lot of effort into that title. I'm not making fun of fags or anything, as a matter of fact I might even be one. Here's a list of gay things that I'm confessing to.

1. I will run from any fight. I don't care if it's against a 5' school girl. I don't want to get hurt, plain, and simple. Therefore I run!

2. If I did get hit in said fight before getting a chance to run. I will cry. Not that I cry when I'm in pain. But I'm hoping to maybe gain some sympathy. If that doesn't work, then I'll wet myself. I call it the frog defense.

3. Not only would I cry after being hit, but I often cry when it's completely optional. Now I don't cry because I'm feeling sorry for myself or anything. But I will cry when I see a good movie. King Kong actually got my highest rating: 3 tissues.

4. It's not just King Kong. Moulin Rouge is one of my all time favorite movies.

5. I didn't just like the plot or the acting in Moulin Rouge. The singing and the dance scenes were my favorite parts. Flawless Classic.

6. Speaking of Flawless Classic singers, Micheal Jackson is my all time favorite. One time, I bought a new CD with all of the classic Videos. And then my roommate wouldn't stop making fun of MJ. I simply turned the TV off as not to ruin my classic favorite videos.

7. Although little boys are out of the question, if I did somehow sleep with a very attractive Transvestite, I would have absolutely no problem with that. I'd prolly even brag about how hot that transvestite was. Receiving nothing but air when I go for the High-5.

8. Well shit, I can't get much gayer than that. I mean having sex with dudes is pretty gay. Except for the fact that although for several reasons I would never be in a position to have sex with a transvestite, the statement made in #7 is noo joke.

9. #'s 1-6 are no joke either.

10. I'm so gay that I had to make this a list of 10. Even though I have nothing to write here. Wait, I use to do Yoga everyday. There. That's 10.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Well, I gotta keep my reader happy. Here's a post that is still in progress. Maybe I'll complete it one day.

Good and Evil?

I really started asking this question after picking up the Autobiography of Gandhi. I've only gotten through the first 70 pages, but it's pretty clear that Gandhi was a petty, stuborn man. The first 70 pages detail the early part of his life from his youth in India to his education in England. Most of the book he goes into painful detail about vegetarianism, and his struggles to be a vegetarian in England. Also he painfully details the cost of everything, and talks about exact circumstances of his living situation. Simply put, the first 70 pages is excruciatingly boring, but I think it's important to know this side of a great man.

Knowing this side of Gandhi got me thinking, if Gandhi had been born in a perfect world, he'd just be some crazy old Indian man who insisted on making all his own clothes. Maybe he'd be a nice guy, but he'd probably just be annoying to be around. What made Gandhi a great man was the fact that he was not born in a perfect society. His "petty" and "stubborn" personality traits became amazingly useful in his stuggle for an independent India.

One of the first incidents that Gandhi was involved in took place in South Africa. The British had brought Indians to South Africa because enslaved Africans in Africa would simply find a way to leave and go home, so Gandhi was a second class citizen in South Africa. Indians were forced to carry identitification papers. But then, a group of them staged a protest, and Gandhi starts burning these papers right in front of the English troops. The sergent warns Gandhi and Gandhi keeps burning the papers. Then the officer beats Gandhi, but Gandhi continues to burn the papers until he is beaten to the point of unconciousness. Here, stubborness, which is a vice for most people, is a virtuous act of integrity.

It dawns on me that good doesn't really mean anything without evil. The concept of good wouldn't even be worth talking about if evil wasn't so prevalent, but this idea begs another question. Is good good? Is evil evil? Or is it all just made up?

There are 2 main questions that I have to ask to answer that question. Are we natural creatures? And, How much of life is just made up in the first place?

First off, In nature a lot of horrific things happen naturally, no pun intended. The worst natural thing that comes to mind is the fact that the female praying mantis bites off the head of her partner while mating. There are countless such examples in nature, but they all would be completely horrific if they routinely took place in human society. Yet for the preying mantis, it's simply a convenient way to obtain the nutrients necessary for egg development.

Perhaps, killing someone for a million dollar insurance policy has the same conotation. That person will then have one million dollars. They can provide for a family and ensure their continued survival if they so please. If we are just natural creatures. If we did just get here thanks to evolution. Should evil rather be conseidered a natural act of self indulgence?

I'll get back to that, but now the next question - how much of this is made up? Every person on a certain level is just a product of the society that he exists in. I once heard of a tribe of Africans that whenever they would walk into a room with chairs in it, they would just sit on the floor. That tribe had never seen a chair before, and had no way of describing it, and if told to use it, I bet they'd break it into pieces and use the wood to make tools. This is a simple example of how things that we take for granted are really just creations of our mind in the first place.

But other cultures are a little more troubling. In many tribes they routinely torcher adolescents as a rite of passage into adulthood. One tribe I saw on television, they whip the women. Not to make the women subservient, rather the women take on the lashings enthusiasticly, taunting their whippers. As the women are taking lashings, the adolescent men are preparing for a running of the bulls of sorts. The men have to jump across the backs of several cows without falling. If they fall, they are excommunicated from society. If they make it, they are now men. The women beg to be beat with whips in order to prove their commitment to their brothers rite of passage to manhood. The men performing the whipping often don't even want to be there as the women defiantly beg for more whippings. The only members of this society that are disgruntled with the whole arrangement are the poor group of men that fall during the run. They end up living a sad and lonely existence.

I can think of many more examples, but they are all from primitive societies. A theme that I'm aruing with this example is that some cultures have rituals that can lead to happiness within that culture. However if these rituals were practiced in our culture, they would only be seen as pure evil. The women being whipped beg for their lashings. In this case, the action of whipping a woman is not inherently evil, rather it is the context by which that whipping is taking place that makes the action evil. In other words, the context is evil. The action is not evil.

At this point in the inquiry, I re-ask the questions. Are we natural creatures? And, How much of life is just made up in the first place?

And unfortunately, the answer is that I don't know. I started out to write this post with the intention of organizing my thoughts and drawing an inciteful conclusion. I hoped to prove that we are indeed more than just natural creations, and there are inherrent truths such as good and evil. Ultimately, the only thing that I have to go on to answer these questions is faith. I can't reason my way to a conclusion.

IMO, the fact that these existential dilemmas can't be soundly reasoned through is one of the ways that God likes to fuck with us - well me at least.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My reader's demanding updates now, so here goes. I'm just gonna a conversation I had with a friend of mine from work. He's my age, and he was a wide receiver at Texas A&M, so he has some damn good stories. His name's Wayne.

So Wayne walks in and has some pictures. I don't know why he brought them, but I take a look. She's a very attractive nice-looking girl, and I ask him who that is.

Wayne "That my Ho"
Rob: So that's yoour girlfriend?
Wayne: No, I said that's my ho.
Rob: So do you have a girlfriend?
Wayne: Yeah
Rob: And she's like your number 2 girlfriend?
Wayne: Yeah but she's just my ho.

From there Wayne explains how he sees her from time to time, but only if he's not busy doing something with his girlfriend. He explains that his ho wanted to go out with him last night, but he and his girlfriend had something special to do that night. He also lets me know that he really loves his girlfriend, and that he is actually 100% straight forward with his ho about how he is never gonna leave his girlfriend. Not only that, but Wayne has tried several times in the past to introduce his ho to a guy so that she can have a significant relationship with that guy. Wayne didn't want to feel like he was using her, so he's always been real truthful with her.

Later that day, we're on break, so Wayne gives his ho a call and invites her to the park. I don't know what that girl had to do that day, but somehow, on a moments notice in the middle of the day, she is able to meet him at the park.

Rob: "So she's gonna meet you?"
Wayne: Yeah
Rob: Just like that. that quickly.
Wayne: Yeah (He says it so matter of factly)
Rob: Man, she's just gotta know. that that's never gonna work.
Wayne gives me a look
Rob: I mean you can't just throw yourself at someone and expect things to work out the way that she wants them to work out. She's gotta challenge you in some kind of a way, if she's ever gonna catch your interest. . . she's gotta know that.

At this point Wayne just starts cracking up laughin.

Wayne: Oh Rob, Rob, Rob. You trippin man. You can't question the Game MAN! I mean the Game's been in existence since before me and you were ever even born. The game's the game. You can't question the GAME!
Rob: Well, I guess when she's 30, she'll settle down and start looking for a man with a job that wants to marry her and feed her kids.

Well, that's all there is to that story. I find it amusing anyways.