Friday, June 22, 2007

I stole something today. So an ebay customer, drops off his laptop, I try to fix it. I get it taken apart, only to find out that the part that I said I would fix is not broken. And then I call him, ask him a question that was clearly explained in the ebay listing, and he answers "no." Which means he didn't even read my listing, and he bought my service anyways. Beyond that, he wants a full refund, and he doesn't even want me to even try to fix his laptop. So I gave him his refund, but I switched out an internal metal frame with my internal metal frame which had a dent in it. I reasoned that he would never know, and that he would sell a broken laptop with one more little completely unnoticeable problem.

It sucks to deal with cheap asses who don't want to pay for your service, but the problem with the service I'm trying to provide is that laptops are turning into commodities. Why pay $100 to fix an old laptop when you can pay $500 for a brand new one that has no problems. The whole thing sucks, and I need to consider completely staying away from this business.
You see those links on the right. Well, those are my friends. They all started blogs, but then they went off and got a life. I on the other hand, still have nothing better to do, and even if I did, I'd still waste my time on the blogger. So I decided that I'm gonna update my blog for them.

Skizzy P -
I live in Hawaii. I like Cat5 cabling. And I have a tan.

Andy P -
I don't live in Hawaii. I don't like Cat5 cabling, and I don't have a tan.

M diddy P -
I'm married with children. My life is over.

Eston -
I moved to Minnesota. I break up the monotony of doing whatever I want whenever I want by flying to Vegas for a week and doing whatever I want whenever I want in a different city.

Well, that's it, now you know everything I know about those links on the right.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is the gayest thing I've ever seen . . . And I've seen gay porn.