Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sooo, I see that Andy`s going full force, Scott finally updated, Mike`s been goin strong on the pics, and Eston - his blog doesn`t even exist anymore. I`ll keep the link just in case, and actually, I`ll keep checking his none-existant blog. . . just in case. So that said, I figured it was time for me to do a quick update.

So, at first in Japan, my experience was limited to a bunch of bars, and working for a shitty company. Well it was an ok company, but they just stopped paying their employees, but we got that money from the government. Enough of that boring story.

So I`m living in what is a bit of a country town of 1 million people. Might not sound like a country town but actually its five small cities that are really close and they conglomerated to make what sounds like a big city. Anyways, between my limited travels (too much time in the bars) and living in a small town, I was really bothered by how ugly Japan was. Tokyo is an amazing city, and just the sheer number of people was such an interesting experience, but I found as I traveled to Osaka, Nagasaki, and my small country town, Kokura - I found that the whole country looked just like Tokyo - crowded and full of concrete. 127 million people in a country smaller than California. The most upsetting experience was a trip to Beppu. Now Beppu IS BEAUTIFUL, and I had a great time. Its basically the Yellowstone of Japan, full of hot springs and actually has one geyser. However, unlike Yellowstone, in order to get to said geyser you have to walk through a tourist shop to see a geyser that is encircled by concrete, and has a huge stone wall on one side that hangs over the geyser so that it actually shoots up hitting the ceiling of the stone wall. A beautiful place, but I`d prefer a nice hike rather than walkin through a tourist shop.

Let`s see, sorry for the long-winded aside, the point I actually wanted to make is that after my first few months of trolling bars and working for a shitty company, Now, I work at an elementary school, and do quite a bit of traveling. I miss meeting lots of new and interesting people, but my job is a lot more rewarding, and I`ve actually come to find out that Japan can be a very beautiful country.

You can look forward to more of the beauty of Japan in future posts. For now I`ll give you a taste with hiraodai- a small mountain range located in my small city that is mostly composed of limestone (which was an abundant mining resource used in construction for this once booming country town in the 70`s - the mine has since been closed, and it has been shrinking ever since)

Aint that purty.

Oh look at that-it just got purtier. (the girl standing on the rock is my girlfriend)

In case you were wondering why her jeans were wet and rolled up, I had to add the picture of us standing outside of this cave that we went in.

And here is a picture to prove that we actually did go into the cave

And I added this picture to prevent a comment from Scott saying that the prior picture only proves that my girlfriend went into the cave. (I debated adding this picture because I had to weigh the importance of preventing smartass comments from Scott with the idea that I could actually get a comment on my blog which is always a great thing. In the end, I imagined a long drawn out comment war between me and Scott that would eventually lead to me posting this picture, and Scott winning. And since I posted the picture before Scott ever even checked my blog, I win which is more important than getting comments.


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