Thursday, January 24, 2008

So for everyone that`s been keeping the blog open in the background, pressing the refresh button everytime they sit down at the computer after last week`s suspenseful post, Here you have it: Hiromi Murakami. Beautiful, sweet, and loads of fun. I don`t know how I got lucky enough to come across a girl like this one, but I did. Its been great fun, and she`s one good reason to stick around here in Kokura.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well, its been slightly over two months, so I guess I'll start where I left off.

Overall the medical school interviews went fairly well, but I don't know if they'll make up for all the red flags on the application that lead to the conclusion that I just might be an unfocused slacker. Leaving a good engineering job to enter a completely unrelated medical field. Being a pro poker player for nearly a year. And disappearing off to Japan to teach English in the midst of the application process.

The Interviews did go well, but they are merely one piece of the application process. The interviewers oppinion of the applicant along with the overall application are reviewed by an admissions committee before any decision is made. It's only the "Boy Scout" candidates who get the thumbs up immediately after an interview, but luckily for me, most people are unfocused, and nobody's perfect. So my acceptance or rejection is pending and I'll have an official announcement for the die hard blog readers come February 1st. I'll just say if I were a gambling man, I'd bet on acceptance. Seeings as I am a gambling man, I'd like to ask if there are any takers on that bet?

So now to answer the questions that anybody still checking this blog is actually asking: What the fuck happened to Rob? Where is he? Is he alive? If yes, Is he begging on the streets for food?

So basically, after coming back to Texas, I still had frequent flier miles to burn, and I didn't want to get settled in, so I soon decided that I would be jumping ship to somewhere. After weighing some options, I decided on returning to Japan. Basically, I had a free place to stay, a lot of friends, and the slim chance of getting a job here. If things got shitty, then it'd be easy enough to hop over to Korea, or even China would have been fun.

So I get back, start working, and to no surprise the next day, Nova, the company I work for, door's close. They go completely bankrupt: the biggest chain of language schools in Japan. There are may factors involved, and it's an interesting story, but not one I care to retell at the moment. The fact that I was one one of their teachers despite the last 4 paragraph's of incoherent ramblings will have to suffice for the curious reader.

So what did everyone around here do? We had a party. A lot of parties. We played a lot of frisbee, and we drank a lot of coffee. It was exactly the type of thing I've been pushing all you mopes back home to do. It was brilliant. However, it wasn't long until it started to get a little boring, and after one trip to the mall, I felt like I was in high school. So I started looking out in the horizon, and sorted out a couple of jobs in Korea and China. Korea paid better, and China sounded funner. But then things got complicated. . .