Sunday, May 25, 2008


This here is sports day. They dress all the kids up and they do coordinated activities all day long. Dances, races, etc. Looks like a lot of good fun for the kids.

After sports day we went to the beach for an hour. Good fun, but the water is still a bit too cold for me to get in.

Then we went to the highest point in Kitakyushu - Mt Sarakura.

But we didn`t hike. We took a cable car. I wasn`t too happy about it, but it was already 5pm and it was a fun relaxing ride with the girlfriend. Certainly I`ll eventually summit without the aid of mechanical devices

I jumped a fence to get to this Giant toilet. It was Narly!

I`m getting flushed out of the toilet! It was the 17th most exciting experience of my life.

I think that being flushed out of a toilet probably wasn`t even ranked in Hiromi`s top 100.

This is a high tech teleportion device that the Japanese constructed on the top of Mount Sarakura.

Hiromi just teleported back from Mars. We didn`t get any pictures of mars because we only had one camera, and hiromi wanted to make sure that we got a picture of her teleporting

The Japanese have the technology to develop a teleportation device but apparently they havent figured out how to flatten curvy wood. Seriously I tried this thing out and it was not good for the back.

I couldn`t wait to get back on the cable car. Actually I couldn`t wait to wait in line. It was so exciting. The prolonged anticipation of what`s to come far surpasses the actual experience. Only 75 seconds left but what an amazing 75 seconds it was.

Being the first person on has its advantages. This little warning sign on the steering wheel clearly says Don`t touch in 4 different languages, so I touched it and took a picture of myself touching it

Added this pretty picture because its purty.

What a great day. A crazy Japanese festival, A beach, moutainside scenery, and a bunch of crazy Japanese stuff on the top of a mountain. I`m lovin it


Blogger Scott Pliszka said...

That was pretty stupid of you to take the cable car when it clearly would have been faster and probably less expensive to take the teleportation device to the bottom of the hill.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Delilah said...

You are such a dork Rob!! ;) Love ya! Your girlfriend's a cutie!

6:07 AM  
Blogger robbo said...

Scott 1-1, Game set match. I should take that point away because it was pretty stupid of you to shock yourself with an electric collar, but that was a bit too obvious to necessitate a comment.

Delilah - I hear you have a blog. Let me know the address, and I@ll add a link.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous delilah said...

My blog is

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Andy R. said...

Cable cars are obsolete anyway. It's all about Dish Network cars.

12:31 PM  

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