Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fashizzle. So I flew into Osaka, went out with a few of the other English recruits. We walked around for a bit until going into the first bar we came across. About 30 minutes in, I realized that we were surrounded bu white people. Somehow we were attracted to this foreigner (gaejin) bar like moths to a flame. In a city that is 99% Japanese, we were surrounded by white people. Fair enough, we had a good time, but the other teachers decided to be overcautious and head back, like they had something important to do the next day. (I hardly consider waking up by 10am, and catching a bus to be so important to call it an early night) So I venture off on my own, and decide to start out at the same bar. I found it to be a bit clicky and didnt build up the courage to introduce myself to a group of people so I finished off my beer with the intention of finding a Japanese bar. But instead I got terribly lost. Ranking the times that I:ve been lost it goes as #3. #1 being the time I was all by myself in a valley in Hawaii, looking for a tunnel in the mountains. And #2 being the time that I was sitting in a one street town somewhere in Guatemala wondering how I was gonna make it to the next city.

Well after about an hour, and a meal at McDonalds, I curved my way back to the Hotel, and called it a night. I guess I just needed to sober up from the drunken night of 3 whole beers.

Next mourning it was off to Fukuoka, on the southern most big island of Japan. The company I work for treated us like children and pretty much held our hands the entire way. It pretty much took the fun out of checking out things on the way, but what the heck, they paid for it.

So I got to Kokura, and was introduced to one of my coworkers, and then I got unpacked, settled in, and decided to tour the city on my own. Spent most of the day wondering around. Id typiucally walk into a random restaurant. One didn:t have any picture, nor any English, and didnt even write the prices in English numbers. So when the guy gave me the menu, I just pointed to a random item. He tried talking to me, and then he picked up some noodles, said *rice noodle*, and I nodded. Came out to be $5 for a decent meal, so it worked out well.

That night I crashed. I crashed without even knowing it. I wanted to go out, but I was unconsious.

So the next day, I still hadnt been able to meet anybody, and I did some more random wandering, but I was seriously conversation starved/ MY computer had broken, nothing but Japanese TV, so I was going a bit stir crazy, wondering around the city. Every place I walk into confusion over every little word. I think after a bit of wandering, I finally happened across this here internet cafe and got to it.

Nothing much notable since then. Just training. My trainer is amazingly skilled at what hes doing. Maybe thats just how British people are, but it seems as though a person as skilled as he could use his intelligence on way bigger things. Same could be said about me, but Im here specifically to fuck off for a few months until the whole medical school thing sorts itself out, and then I can focus on building something. Which very well might be here in Japan. But certainly not being an English monkey.

Got to run times up

Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, I suppose I should update the bloggeroo, but my hard drive crashed, and I only havew 2 minutes left, and frankly keeping you suckers updated just isn:t worth one dollar. Ill get to it soon though


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I go Japan now, OK?