Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So I'm at the hostel in Hawaii and scored some free internet. After checking everyone's blog 5 times, and trying to come up with witty Andy-esque comments, I decided to go ahead and write my own blog post with some random thoughts.

If you enjoy Woody Allen flicks, and like Will Farrell, then Melinda and Melinda is like watching a proper jam session. Just seeing Will Farrell play the Woody Allen character, gets me all giddy. BTW, I'm using the word "proper" like the English blokes use it. It's a great word and it basically means "very," but it's more than just that. Speaking of great words, I love using the words "waxing" and "waning," especially when they are used literally. More people should talk about the moon. A friend of mine said that in Alaska, it's a given that there will be a party evertime there is a full moon. Next time I'm in Texas, I'm throwing a full moon party . . . at the parents apartment. Ick, at this pace with the negative cash flow, I will be with the 'rents pretty soon. I suppose I could go back to the good old poker. Even though I was making a proper hourly wage, I fear I might go crazy if I lose $3k in one week again. Hehe, I used "proper" again! I've had a really good time with every English person I've met. English people and Jews. I love them all.

Hey, what iiis the deeeeal with hippies? (said in a Seinfield voice) I met this hippy in Kalalau that said "the first thing I'm gonna do when I get back into town is have a beer." So I said "First thing I'll do is have some McDonalds." Then he scoffed "seriously?" These fuckers will lecture you on red meat and milk while they drink an imported beer and smoke a "natural" cigarrette that they rolled. I think they just love the smell of their own farts. And I swear to god, every hippy I know thinks that people can float using their brains. I mean even, a christian would be like, "No dude, that's just stupid. Only Jesus can fly." You know, it's gotten to the point that when a hippy tells me people can fly, I don't even argue anymore. I complacently reply that anything is possible. What the hell, I hope they're right.

Which reminds me of Superman and this James Marsden bloke. First this fucker cockblocks Wolverine in Xmen, and now he's cockblocking Superman from Lois Lane. I mean what's superman if he isn't chasing that piece of ass. He's just some dude in a cape that saves people. Superman might benefit from some therapy. I mean the dude has the repect and admiration of the entire world, and yet he feels all alone in his fortress of solitude. I guess the poor guy just wants to be seen as a real person.

Well, shit, that's all I can come up with for now.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Thought I'd update again. I'm stuck at the hostel for the weekend cause I can't get a camping permit for the weekend. And I'm pretty exhausted from the Na Pali Coast hike. I really just want to sit and do nothing. Which is what I did today. Saw Superman Returns. Let me tell you, against all odds, Superman stops Lex Luthor's plan to destroy the world. I don't know how he does it, except for the whole superhuman ability thing.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

I just wanted to do an unexpected post for Scott. I am in Kauai, and the third tunnel is done! eh, my ankle is really swollen, but it doesn't hurt at all. I hope it's not infected, and it's just a bruise. A hospital visit would suck ass.