Thursday, April 12, 2007

So I'm taking on learning Japanese. I've decided to start with the 2000 most common English words. The word "the" being the MOST common word in the English Language. Well the word "the" doesn't even exist in the Japanese language. This feat is going to be a VERY difficult task.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I just wanted to repost this chess problem with the solution. Apparently both my readers didn't solve it.

White Queen moves from F5 to E6 and takes black bishop (Check)
Black King moves from G8 to H8
White Knight moves from D6 to F7 (Check)
Black King moves from H8 to G8
White Knight moves from F7 to H6 and takes black pawn (Double Check)
Black King moves from G8 to H8

And now the board looks something like this

Ok now here is where it gets REALLY interesting. White is going to mate in 2 more moves. I'll give two more hint and then post the next two moves at the bottom. Try to do it without the hints though.

Hint1: White's move is one of the worst moves you could imagine if not for the impending mate.

Hint2: White loses his queen.

Now the answer:
White Queen moves from E6 to G8 (check)
Black Castle moves from F8 to G8 and takes white queen
Black Knight moves from H6 to F7 (checkmate)