Friday, March 31, 2006

48 million gallons of raw sewage was dumped into the Ala Wai canal which means that you're not suppose to swim in every beach in Honolulu for the next few days. Well, at least now I have nothing to look forward to tomorrow. I wake up early everyday hoping that it isn't raining. Tomorrow it doesn't even matter. Life is so hard.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I shaved the head today, and now I really really want to shave my face. I'm realy conflicted though because I love my beard so I decided to leave it to a vote. Leave a comment, and I'll shave based on the most comments. hehe, I love getting comments.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The beard is coming along quite nicely

Wow, I really look like ass in this picture. But I'm coming off the flip side of 5000 hands of poker in one day. I said I wasn't going to do that, but I was freaking bored, so I just kept playing poker. Anyways the beard is sooo itchy these days. I'm going to go get a beard comb tomorrow to help out with that. I hope they sell them at Walmart. I'm also going to buy some special beard shampoo and conditioner. I figure if I'm gonna do this thing, I'd better do it right.

You can see that the few hairs that I have are getting long enough to where there is at least one hair from ear to my chin. I had to aim the lamp at my face so that way you can see the hair.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Sun - (I find this post interesting, but it's a little dense, and I don't think it's well written, but I still like it.)

There are so many interesting things about the sun that we don't always think about. For instance, weather is caused by two main factors: the sun and the earth's rotation. Of course when the sun's out, it's hot. But, stuff like winds and currents are actually caused by the planet trying to ditribute the energy that is beamed right at the center throughout the rest of the planet. Which causes winds, currents, and other crap.

And then there is Thermodynamics. Simply put, the universe as a whole is constantly becoming more random. A simple example is burning a piece of paper. Paper is made of complex organic molecules that once burned, turn into simpler more random molecules of C02, water, other byproducts, and some energy in the form of heat released in the process. When the energy rich chemical bonds in the complex organic molecules are converted into the energy deficient chemical bods in CO2 and water, energy is released, or burning occurs. Once the paper is burned, you can never put it back together in its original form. Basically, the universe is being burned away just like a piece of paper, and can never be put back together in its original form.

Here's what I find interesting, the sun is spewing out so much energy, that a planet 8.5 light minutes away (about 150,000,000 km) can put together something as ordered and complex as DNA. Here's the kicker in Thermodynamics. That as complex and ordered that everything we see in life is; proteins, DNA, cells. As complex as that stuff is, that was actually the easiest path for it to go. Everyone can obviously see that when a piece of paper burns, the easiest thing is for the rest of the paper to burn. The sun beaming down onto the earth, forming complex molecules and cells to undergo photosynthesis and everything else is actually the easiest thing to happen.

Side Note:
Just a quick photosynthesis review. Through a series of accidents (with aid of energy of the sun) self replicating chemicals within the cells of plants are responsible for trapping the energy from the sun to combine carbon dioxide and water into sugar wih is the energy source and building block for plants.

Back to the point, thermodynamically speaking, the easiest place for all this energy from the sun to go is to be stored into the chemical structure of sugar. And the easiest thing for the energy stored in that sugar to do is to power molecular proceses that form even more complex chemicals such as DNA. As a matter of fact I have so much excess energy (from food that was created by the sun), that thermodynamically speaking the easiest way for me to despense this energy was in writing this blog post. As I type this, the sugar in my body is being broken down into CO2 and water, the CO2 released from my lungs, and the water through my urine or sweat.

Well that's the sun. It was my hike at Haleakala that got me thinking about it. I mean there are cacti growing out of rocks. There isn't even any soil, and I remembered that the soil is actually a bunch of dead plants. Haleakala didn't have enough of a history to create soil. From air, water, energy from the sun, and minerals from the rocks, these cactuses substantiate out of rocks.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I just want everybody to know that I might be the greatest qbert player of all times. Ok so I might not be the best, but I am a serious contender for the Ms. Pacman title. Anyways you see this fellow:

WATCH OUT FOR HIM! He's a qbert eating snake! Seriously though qbert never did anything to him and all he wants to do is hunt qbert down and eat him! ALl Qbert wants to do is step on some squares and change the colors. Sure Qube (I call him Qube for short), Qube might have a scotche of an OCD problem, but that never hurt no snakes.

Here's a picture of me punking that little snake bitch! Oh, how do you like me now, mister snakey! You can't see it, but the snake jumps off the pyramid in a desperate attempt to catch Qbert who took one of his special portals to the top of the pyramid. Works every time! That stupid snake's been falling for that trick for like the past 20 years. haha, sucker!

Well anyways, I'd love to say more, but I got to go save the planet earth. I have to man the guns in missile command. It is a dangerous job, but somebody has to do it. Oh yeah, and I don't know who's seen the movie Armageddon, but somebody has to go save the planet from 5 of those Asteroids. AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Part something x 10: A review

Well I want to take a post to point out just a quick interesting trend among my friends that I've posted on. Scott was tech support MCSE in Houston. And moved to Hawaii to do the same thing. Logan went to Business school at UT, switched to Biology, switched to Sociology, and now wants to be a firefighter. Ryan was a philosophy major who wanted to be a professor, but sold out to go to Harvard and become a lawyer, and after 2 years of law school wants to be a professor. Jeremy was on track to graduating with highest honors with an accounting degree from UT, but graduated with honors and is now a firefighter. Eston was . . . Well he was technically in the business school, and he has much potential, and dropped out of school with 12 hours to be a pro poker player. And Bryan has a masters in Accounting, was once on track to becoming an investment banker, and, after dealing with the ineptitude of the federal government's hiring process for special agents for the IRS, is now in some stage of the hiring process for the Houston Police Department. And me, I graduated with honors in computer engineering, worked at IBM as a hardware development engineer, went back to school to fulfill medical school recquirements, became an EMT in the process, and now I play poker in Hawaii.

Are we all fucked? Well, I suppose I do have one friend who started working for his dad's company at 18, has a kid, has a wife, and owns a house. How is that going anyways Mike? Actually, now that I think about it, Mike wants move to England and be a proessor. Mind you, Mike went to college for a year. And then there's Ryan Zachry who's had the same job for a good 5 years, and has had a girlfriend for about 3 years. But he's pretty adamant about how he really just wants to live in a barn.

Yeah, we are all fucked.

Part Something: Bryan Evans
Well, Bryan has a knack for making the party happen. He's the guy that goes out and buys 5 different bottles o hard liquor, 100 beers, and then invites a shitload of people over. He's the guy that sees people on the street and says, hey party at my place. He's also the guy that makes sure the alcohol is always flowing. Have you ever seen that comercial where a guy litters and then the camera cuts to an Indian with a tear in his eye? Well, that happens to Bryan everytime he sees an empty glass of alcohol. One time at Friends, a bar on 6th, Bryan asks me for my beer. I'm pretty drunk, so I hand it over and get distracted by well hell, at clubs, I am in a constant state of distraction. Anyways later on, I go to the restroom and walk by Logan who was completely sober since he was working as a bouncer. Well, Logan starts telling me that I'm a little waisted and maybe I should slow down. I gawk at the idea of slowing down because it's just a beer and it can't possibly make me much worse. Of course, at this time, I also notice that my beer has a pretty strong alcohol flavor to it. And my drunk ass reasons that I must be soo drunk that I can taste the alcohol . . . I know. . . I know. Come to find out Bryan had been slipping shots of Vodka in my beer while I wasn't looking, or rather while I was looking but too incoherent to solve the mystery of why my beer was so alcoholic. Thus was born the V&B.

And then there's the time that we went to New Orleans for spring break, and Bryan kept buying me tube shots to get me to flirt with the waitress. He keeps buying me this assortment of tube shots that I have no interest in, and I am not looking forward to the ensuing vomit cocktail to follow. But being drunk, I couldn't turn down free shots which later turned out not to be free as Bryan had bought so many people drinks that he had completely run out of cash. (Of course later in that trip I ran out of cash, but that was at the Black Jack tables.) Anyways, I'm putting down these tube shots, when the waitress instructs me that i must pick one of the tubes up with my mouth. Usually, I'd turn down the request because I don't want my tooth to fall out (My tooth use to fall out. But that's a different story), but I was drunk enough to convince myself to give it a try. Needless to say, after the shot, I feel a gap, my heart sinks to the floor, and I look around and see something on the floor, pick it up, and it's just a piece of paper. So then luckily the waitress comes back by, and I start rummaging through the empty tubes. I have to hold each one up to the light, but I finally find a tube with a white tooth in it, and ask her if I can keep the tube as a souvenir. Then I can't get the tooth out so I turn the tube over and flick it until the tooth falls into my mouth and I position it securely in place with my tongue. Good times.

I could detail plenty of crazy things that Bryan did while he was drunk, but I don't know if he would care for a bunch of random people knowing his business. Oh yeah, the first time I ever threw up from having too much alcohol was thanks to Bryan Evans, and that really made his day.

Nice things to say about Bryan: Well, I'm sure you missed it, but I've already complemented him enough to bring a tear to his eye.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ah, the futon. Well we prematurely hacked this thing into pieces, and then once Jinx left we no longer found the need to get a new one. Well, this ting was so nasty that not even I would sleep on it, but for it to be so nasty that I take the initiative to do something about it, that really takes the cake. In case you ever need to throw your futon down the trash shoot, you should know it does take 6 "13 gallon" plastic bags to hold the mattress. I am confident that I could have stuffed into 5, but remember, these bags have to fit down the trash shoot. Right now I am tossing the bags down at 2 hour intervals, so management doesn't catch on to us. I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to throw away futons through the garbage shoot, and I recollect seeing signs that say you aren't allowed to throw eggs off the balcony the day after we last did it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Well, I was kind of sort of rearranging some stuff yesterday, and the air mattress hit one of the nails on the hacked up futon.

When Kristyn read Scott's post on the lack of forks and other bachelor life choices, she went out and bought us some forks. And boy have they come in handy. I don't know how many people hav eaten spaghetti with a spoon but trust me, it just isn't quite as easy as using as fork. Of course, eating spaghetti with a spoon has the advantage of eating the food much much faster. You see when using a spoon, you must put the plate right by your face and use the spoon as a shovel to push the food from the plate to your mouth. It saves time in that it doesn't recquire all the twirling that a fork does, and it also eliminates the part where you have to lift the food from the plate to your mouth. Actually, now that I think about it, this whole "fork" thing is a raw deal.

Reguardless, thanks for the forks Kristyn, and hopefully you get an idea or two from reading this post. Hint Hint. Seriously though, I don't expect that I'll be buying another air mattress because honestly, I don't care about sleeping on the floor. Hell the last time I had the option of sleeping in a bed (Christmas in Kaui) I chose to sleep on the floor because I wanted one more night of listening to the ocean. Actually the air mattress was half inflated, and I did re-inflate it only for it to lose half the air again. So ultimitaley, I thought that would be bad for my back so I went ahead and released all the air. Of course I could sleep on the futon, but that things so nasty that even I'd rather sleep on the floor. Seriously if I had to choose between sleeping on the futon or sleeping in my Dad's backyard. I'd probably choose the backyard. I'd be walking out to the grass, and I'd just be like "no, no, no big deal. The grass gives a little bit of cushioning." Then my dad would be like "But we have this futon for ya." And I'd say "No, don't worry about me. I like grass."

Thursday, March 16, 2006

March Madness!!!

So this is Adam Morrison. He is one of the leading scorers in the NCAA. Anyways, it just makes me so happy to see someone famous with a light beard. I mean, I think the consensus is that guys with light beards just don't look good. Well, Adam Morrison and I know that light beards are acually pretty awesome. Hopefully they will do really well in the NCAA tournament and he'll become really famous and bring back the light beard. Actually, I'm pretty sure it never was "in." But I am sure that it is fucking awesome.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kaui - The Na Pali Coast Hike - April 14th (exact date subject to change especially if this flooding continues)
And I've pretty much decided not to do the Secret Tunnels hike again

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scott still in San Francisco. Took a break from poker and got bored again. Should change the future of fassion
Ok, Ok Part 2 in the series
And of course the end of the Trilogy

Monday, March 06, 2006

Well I've gotta keep Scott entertained at work, so it's back to my weekly "friend" and "the man" posts. If you want to know what I did this weekend, click Skizzy P on the right.