Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Many things that I might regret in my life come down to personality flaws. I really can't and don't regret those things. You know, I just try to learn from them, and I have learned from them. However there is one thing I do regret not doing. See the post below. Why no comments?  Will this post get any comments?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 I'm there. Who's comin with me?

posted by robbo at 6:48 PM

PS I love reading this old blog. It's really a story of teenage angst that ran into the mid 20's. I suffered with those things so much. I never even told anybody outside my family the climax of my suffering. I wouldn't even tell my family if they hadn't witnessed it. But man, that suffering was worth it. An old Buddhist saying goes that without suffering there is no enlightenment, and with enlightenment there is no suffering. I'm just glad that the things that bothered me, bothered me so much, and I got to where I am now. It really encourages me to take on the problems I experience these days.