Monday, October 30, 2006

This post is for Jesus . . . Baby Jesus.

Well, I've recently heard authors of 2 different books professing that science is somehow connected to atheism. Well, I drove 600 miles yesterday, thinking about this crappolla, so now anybody bored enough to read this blog is gonna hear about it.

I'll start it off with a definition of what science is. What it really is. Science is a bunch of repeatable experiments that accurately predict the future. Or really simply put, experiments that measure crap. However, science isn't taught in text books this way. It's taught as a series of "facts" about the universe. In school you are taught that objects fall because of gravity. That's complete bullshit, and I'll tell you why.

Allright, I'll try to use the Socratic method.

Socrates: Why do objects fall?
Robbo: Objects fall because of gravity.
Socrates: What is gravity?
Robbo: Gravity is an attractive force between to objects.
Socrates: So objects fall because there is an attractive force between two objects?
Robbo: Yeah.
Socrates: Isn't the action of an object falling just the action of an object being attracted to another object?
Robbo: Yeah.
Socrates: So objects fall because objects fall?
Robbo: No, Objects fall because of gravity.
Socrates: You missed my point Robbo.

Basically, I'm saying that science has no access to the "why" of the physical universe. Albert Einstein himself can come up with the most complex scientific explanation for gravity that a minute fraction of the human population can understand. But translated to the rest of humanity, all he is really saying is "Objects are falling! And it's really really complicated!" He's just saying it in a language the rest of us don't understand.

The craziness doesn't stop there. If I tell a scientist, objects fall because a group of gnomes in an alternate dimension that you can't see are telling all the objects to fall. Well, then, the scientist can only say, "I have no way to prove or disprove your theory, but my friend, you are an idiot!" I could even tell that same scientist that Baby Jesus's Omnipotent Daddy created the whole earth in seven days and decided on all these rules. The scientist's only responce is "I have no way to prove or disprove your theory, but my friend, you might be on to something with this Baby Jesus. Tell me more."

Well there you have it. Science sucks, and Baby Jesus rules. Seriously though, the moral is that science has no access to the spiritual realm. So anyone who says I'm an atheist because of science is misguided.

Well that's my shpiel on science and religion, and now I want to go dimensional on your ass. First I'm gonna create a one-dimensional universe


There it is. You can imagine a worm. Named "Harry." He looks like this: ___
All he does all day long is walk left and right. In his one dimensional universe. All he can do is go left or right because he is one dimensional.

Now I'm gonna create another one dimensional universe.

Same Worm still goes left and right, only now if he goes long enough in one direction, he'll end up back where he started. other thing, Our worm doesn't know he's walking in a circle. For all he knows, he's walking in a straight line. It takes a 2-dimensional or a 3-dimensional character to see what's really going on.

Now I can create another 2 dimensional universe

Now we can create w new 2-dimensional character named Jim. Jim can walk up and down and left and right. :-) The smily face is Jim. I'm lazy.

Now I'll create a new 2-dimenstion universe

Jim is still constricted in the up-down dimension, but when he moves left-right long enough , he appears back in the same place

Now I'll create yet another 2-dimensional universe

Jim can move in any direction, and eventually return to the same place. Once again, he thinks he is walking in a completely straight line. Only a 3-dimensional character can see that his universe is "curved"

I'm gonna create a 3-dimensional universe.

Robbo, can move up-down, left-right, or back-forth. He moves in 3 dimensions.

Now I'll create a new 3-dimensional universe.

Ok imagine a thicker hoop. (I'm lazy). Robbo moves up-down, back-forth, but if he goes left-right long enough. He'll be back where he started.

And another 3-dimensional universe:

Robbo's universe is the orange section. He can move back and forth, but now, if he goes up-down, or left-right, he eventually returns to where he started.

Now picture the final 3-dimensional universe. Don't try too hard though. It might make your nose bleed. If that's not enough consider this one-dimensional universe, and the possibilities in the three dimensional world.

If your nose isn't bleeding, your head hasn't exploded, and you still know your first name, I just have one thing to say. George Washington's teeth were made of ivory, not wood.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Took off from Mario's, and the next day I made it to Arches National Park. This place was beautiful. I'd love to take Naledi and Tao here. On one hike I saw this 10 year old girl complaining. I later saw her awestruck by the arch at the end of the trail. Arches is like a big playground.

Tomorrow I'll be headin out to Canyonlands, and then it's VIVA LAS VEGAS. I hope it goes well.

Pictures from White Sands from one week ago. White Sands had gotten some rain so the road was closed. I tried walking the entire road, and the trail at the end of the road, but I got to the end of the road at sunset. Apparently, I was the only person in the park attempting this because the end of the road at white sands was the quietest place I have ever been in my life. Surprising, considering that half the park is actually a bomb testing site.

White Sand.

The colors of the sunset reflet into this little pool of water.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

So I spent a week at Thomas' place because he wanted to hit up a casino with me. On Sunday, we made it up to Riudoso for a day of playing some good old hold'em poker.

The next day I went to white sands. (pictures to be added later) And I spent the night at Riudoso. Then I spent a day in albuquerque and went straight to Denver. Denver is a great city, and I can definitely see myself coming back here one day. Mario and I had a lot of fun and got to see some great live music. Then we made it out to Rocky Mountain National park. We hiked the twin sisters, 4 miles and 2300ft in elevation to a 11.4k ft peak.

Long's Peak. 14k ft. in Elevation.

Mario and me at the top.

It was Elk mating season, so all the elk congregate in the plains. The males were making mating calls that sounded like a horn.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Who's on First and What's on Second?

This is taken from a transcript of supreme court hearings that I heard on NPR. I'll tell a very brief background story. Mr. Ott is a lawyer defending his client who was convicted of murder. The family of the murder victim wore buttons that had a picture of the victim in a military uniform. So, before the supreme court Mr. Ott is defending the constitutionality of wearing buttons in court, when the conversation goes from being just about buttons to a deep philosophical debate about the constitution.

JUSTICE KENNEDY: What about banners? What would you do with banners?
MR. OTT: I beg your pardon?
JUSTICE KENNEDY: What would you do with banners? Would it make sense to say all banners are banned from the courtroom? I thought you would think that would make a let of sense.
MR. OTT: Banners?
JUSTICE KENNEDY: Yes. Signs, placards.
MR. OTT: Your Honor, I haven't seen a case involving banners. I imagine that -
JUSTICE KENNEDY: I think I know why. Because it affects the atmospherics of the trial.
MR. OTT: And likewise we don't see all the button cases where the buttons have been precluded.
JUSTICE SCALIA: You don't allow people to come into most courtrooms in tank shirts, and we don't allow people to, you know, to wear beany hats. Everything that is inappropriate for a courtroom is not necessarily inappropriate because it would prejudice the trial; isn't that right?
MR. OTT: That's correct, Your Honor.
JUSTICE SCALIA: Maybe that's why we don't allow banners, because a courtroom is not the place for banners.
MR. OTT: That's correct, Your Honor. Decorum should not be confused with -
JUSTICE BREYER: Absolutely right. Suppose you think in this is a federal court, which we are, that banners, posters, and buttons are a thoroughly bad idea.
Now, why? Not just because of decorum. But because they introduce an extraneous factor into the judgment of the jury.

I'll cut it off there. They go on and on about different types of buttons such as a "hang the defendant" botton, and Mr. Ott just keeps playing the role of the straight man. Go to the link below, page 16, if you can't get enough. Anyways, now you know why I'm a nihilist.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ok so right now I'm at Thomas's. After I left Austin I went through Fredricksburg, which was absolutely beautiful. There's a winery, some peach farms, and Hill country. It'd be a great place to go for a weekend with the wife for my married friends. I stopped at the Gatti's for some pizza, and the Astros game. The astros turned out to be a real disappointment this season. In that last game, the pitching only gave up 3 points with a starter that hadn't started before, and the batting couldn't pull off a win. And then St. Louis lost both of their games. I'm not happy at all. Anyways, I ended up driving another 200 miles that night, and broke 100k on the Jetta.

The next day I got up early, and then I drove down to Big Bend. I made it to Emory peak, the highest point in the park, that night just in time for sunset. I was gonna night hike it to my camp site, but then I remembered that mountain lions like to hunt at night. BTW, that's why zebras are black and white. Anyways, I made myself really scared after I remembered this, and I pitched my tent in the middle of the trail, right away. It's pretty unlikely that I would be attacked, but hiking alone at night greatly increases my chances.

The next day, I finally made it out to the other side of the park. I saw Santa Elena, and I went to my campsite in the desert. It was too hot, so I decided to keep driving and leave the park. I made it to El Paso at about 6:00, and I got to meet Thomas' wife and 2 step-kids. Thomas is doing quite well. He's a salesman for a shipping company. He's just getting started right nonw. He's struggling a bit, but I'm sure things will go good once he learns the business.

We went to Juarez twice. The first time, his wife, Erica, came along. Both times were fun, but Juarez isn't too safe.

Picture of the remnants of eroded mountains taken while driving south to Big Bend. After this region is miles and miles of dessert that had me worried that Big Bend might not bee all that special.

View of the park taken from Emory peak.

Flower field near the South Rim

Bocillas Canyon

Santa Elena Canyon